Eco-friendly, secure, and easy to maintain without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


Following the global trend towards low impact, easy-living designs, the Ecobuild homes on Cathkin Estates have been met with
 much enthusiasm.  Modern building methods ensure a minimal footprint and a quick and effective construction turnaround. 
The building process is conveniently managed by the on-site architect, ensuring a stress-free build experience.


Architects Judith Newby and Joanne Hain understand the Drakensberg environment, their Ecobuild designs making the most

of natural light and views, while providing comfortable living spaces for all seasons.



Judith Newby’s knowledge of the berg is evident in her designs.  The emphasis of Judith’s designs is on comfort and convenience,
while connecting wherever possible with the magnificent surrounding landscape. There is an easy flow between the generous open-plan living areas and veranda, and light and views have been maximised by sliding doors and numerous windows.


Whether snuggling up next to fire with a book on a chilly winter afternoon, or opening up in summer to enjoy a cool mountain breeze, these homes are designed for your relaxation and comfort, any time of the year.


High ceilings and exposed beams  •  Wood-burning stove

Abundant glass frontage with solar protective shutters  •  Extensive veranda with sun shades and built in braai



Having lived on the estate, Joanne is no stranger to the exciting seasonal contrasts of the berg. 
“In summer, you want to open the large glass doors to encourage an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and in winter, you want to be
able to appreciate the views while cocooned in a home that is comfortable and practical”.


The mountain-facing windows are framed to shade from the western sun, while the  north-facing windows let in light and warmth in
winter and are shaded by roof overhangs in summer.  The house levels are stepped down with the slope so that the form of the
building sit comfortably in its in environment.


Open-plan living area with scullery and ample storage  •  Window positioned to maximize views

Folding sliding doors  •  Open trusses and high ceilings

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